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The companies of SIMPEX HYDRAULIK are specialised on developing, manufacturing and commissioning hydraulic plants and aggregates. In the field of centralised lubrication technology, our activities in the modernisation of old plants and for new buildings are much sought-after.

With a 40 year track record, another core competency of our group of enterprises is brand- and manufacturer-independent repair and overhaul of hydraulic components of all kinds.

We are your qualified partner – also when it comes to the most complex problems of fluid technology and tribology.


Our developers and designers, software engineers and project managers use the latest networked CADtechnology to develop efficient solutions in hydraulics, pneumatics and centralised lubrication technology as well as in electric control engineering for various applications for our demanding customers.


Hydraulic aggregates

Complete drives (container construction)

Individual control stations (table construction)

Hydraulic cylinders


Test stands


Instruction manuals

Maintenance manuals

Circuit diagrams

Parts lists

Assembly instructions in German, English and Russian

Project planning

of technical and economic solutions for complex plants and individual components

of hydraulic drives in large-scale plants and controls of all individual components.

Technical modernisation and reconstruction of old plants

in the fields of hydraulics and lubrication technology

Recording and analysis of the current situation

Solution finding

Profitability assessment



simpex engineering simpex engineering


In our business unit “Systems Engineering“, we manufacture aggregates in all sizes. Aligned with the operating processes of our customers, performance and control of the aggregate are individually adjusted. As a matter of course, we also manufacture the required valve controls as well as customer-specific special cylinders up to a unit weight of 25 tons in order to achieve the maximum degree of efficiency.


Customised aggregates

Installation sizes of 20 to 15,000 litres

Constructions in aluminium, steel or stainless steel, according to DIN or individual construction

Valve controls

Block construction

Switchboard construction


Special cylinders for heavy industries

Customised cylinders

Oil and water hydraulics

simpex systems engineering


Assembling and pipe installation with all standard connection methods and pressure stages, both at home and abroad. The SIMPEX HYDRAULIK companies are acknowledged specialists in the field of pipe assembling – particularly in the areas of hydraulics and centralised lubrication technology.


Worldwide lead-assembling in hydraulics, pneumatics and centralised lubrication technology

Compressor units

Pipe assembling

Hydraulic and pneumatic conduiting of plants with steel and stainless steel

Conduiting of complete lubrication grease systems

Conducting of welding work at pipes by proof tested welders (e.g. tungsten-inert gas welding)

Tube bending of 6 to 76.1 mm with mobile bending machines

Tube chamfering up to 114.3 mm

Prefabrication of pipes in our own workshops according to isometric drawings

Rinsing of pipe systems

Measuring and documentation of oil-purity by laser-gauges for particles

Commissioning (worldwide)

simpex assembling and commissioning


For more than forty years, brand-independent repair and overhauling of hydraulic parts has been a core competency of SIMPEX HYDRAULIK. Apart from repairing established manufacturer-components, we particularly specialise in overhauling old series of well-known manufacturers which are no longer being produced.

Working for you, we always start with a detailed assessment of any given damage. In this process, we actively advise you concerning the extent of repair to be expected and the tasks which need to be done by our specialists. We also keep the cost-effectiveness of the measures planned in comparison to purchasing or building new parts in mind for you.

For all hydraulic components repaired by our experts, we guarantee reliability and functionality on the level of a new product. Every stage of repair is documented. The results of our work are logged for our customers at the test stands.

Hydraulic pumps / Hydraulic motors

Axial piston pumps / Axial piston motors

Radial piston pumps / Radial piston motors

Geared pumps / Geared motors

Screw pumps

High-pressure reciprocating piston pumps

Old series no longer produced by manufacturers (e.g. Hydro Gigant, Constantin Rauch, etc.)

Cylinders with guarantee for value as new for up to 25 tons unit weight

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

Norm and customised cylinders

Water hydraulics cylinders

Hydraulic aggregates

Disassembling of all parts

Inspection, overhauling and function-testing of individual components

Valve technology


Proportional valves

Shift and steady valves

Directional control valves, flow control valves and pressure control valves

Quality control

100% test of all overhauled components

Self-developed test engineering (test stands), in-house

Logging and delivery of the test results

simpex repair and overhauling simpex repair and overhauling


Our highly qualified staff carry out all kinds of inspections, maintenance and servicing in all industrial sectors. In our day-to-day business, we have been managing extensive maintenance- and servicing-projects on largescale plants.

Maintenance of large-scale plants


Storage services including repair and renewal as well as storage scans, including TÜV (Technical Supervisory Association)

Localisation and removal of disturbances

Tube packing

Assembling and sealing

Fluids management

Oil change-over

Oil servicing and filter changes

Measuring of contamination according to NAS1638 and ISO4406

Optimum choice of operating medium

Rinsing of hydraulic piping systems

Technical support

Optimisation of plants and constructions

Commissioning of new plants

Commissioning after general repairs

Emergency service

Ad-hoc troubleshooting for parts and systems

Removal of disturbances


mobile tube-service

simpex hydraulik simpex hydraulik


As a provider of brand- and manufacturer-independent fluid technology, we act as a dealer for numerous well-known manufacturers with a respective large-scale storage both nationwide and internationally. Thus, we can guarantee our customers the highest quality at a reasonable price, depending on their individual applications.

The long-time experience in international business, focusing particularly on Eastern Europe, distinguishes our expert team from the competition. For our customers, we take care of all required documentation according to international standards. We communicate in German and English, but also in Russian, upon request..


Dealer for numerous well-known manufacturers

Large-scale storage


Management of consignment stock

Electronic catalogue management

E-procurement via PSM Marketplace

simpex trading and export